Four Top Recommended Restaurants In Wheaton Illinois

The restaurants in Wheaton are just as lovely as the places of interest. The entire city is quite charming, and you’re going to discover quite a few good places to eat. Take this first pick for example, Ivy Restaurant. A portion of the exterior looks like the outfield wall of Wrigley Field. It’s only fitting that it does, given the close proximity of Wheaton to Chicago. Get a load of these four restaurants in Wheaton IL, all of them home runs.

Ivy Restaurant is located at 120 North Hale Street, and it is especially a good pick for a special occasion. Black pepper shrimp and ivy beef carpaccio are two appetizers on the menu, and the chipotle turkey sandwich and filet mignon are two possible entrees you can order. Much more is on the menu at Ivy Restaurant, an establishment whose ambiance is going to impress as much as the food does for sure.

Egg Harbor Cafe is on the same street as Ivy Restaurant. The exact address is 208 North Hale Street, and it’s a great breakfast, brunch or lunch spot. Berry oatmeal, orchard valley roll ups, pumpkin pancakes and a Mexican skillet are four of the items on the menu. Plus, there are various waffles and omelets plus much more. Heads up, reviews point to this restaurant getting very busy to the point there can be a wait at times.

Gia Mia Pizza Bar is going to likely tick the box for many people. Pizza is always good, right? This dining establishment is located at 106 North Hale Street, and the margarita pizza is one of the popular menu favorites. This place has some interesting menu items, too, and a great selection of appetizers. For example, you can order up wild sauteed mushrooms on toast.

Red Apple Pancake House and Restaurant is located at 414 South Schmale Road. While it’s technically in Carol Stream, it’s close enough to Wheaton to be mentioned on a travel site for restaurants in the city. Order up apple pancakes, baked portobello omelets, waffles, biscuits and much more. And when it comes to the omelets, there are 16 different kinds. You will find quite the extensive menu at Red Apple Pancake House.

Did any of those restaurants get you excited? I hope so, and I also hope you have a great time traveling around Wheaton IL on vacation checking out things to do in the area. Enjoy some great meals in between adventures, too.